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Training Video for GO/Bombardier

Spent the day with a crew on GO Transit in Toronto with the aim of putting together "A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Ambassador", which will be used during the CSA training process. Customer Service Ambassadors are supplied to GO Transit by Bombardier.



Auto Finance

Polishing off a project for TD where we communicated a new Mission Statement in a fun and energetic way to an internal audience. 



Winners in Mexico

Just worked on a video which involved interviewing award winners about their big trip to Mexico. I didn't get to go this time, but by interviewing the winners in front of a green screen back home, and dropping in gorgeous footage shot on location in the background, it sure looked like I was there. 



Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Can't Afford a Satellite Feed?

An exec couldn't make the big meeting because of a scheduling conflict with the CEO, so we pre-produced a video that imagined him being connected live from the CEO's outer office via FaceTime. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, our exec gave a preview of his planned talk to the big boss, and gave us a window into his decision making process.




I'm in the process of putting together a video newsletter for Bombardier Services North America. For the third year in a row, we gathered footage from their annual Strategy Session, packaged it in an informative video, with plans to later distribute it to all employees via DVD.


RFID Journal LIVE!

Last week I covered the annual RFID Journal LIVE! show in Orlando. A couple of videos will emerge, including a promotional video for future shows. It was my eighth consecutive year covering the event. UPDATE: See it in action here.  Cool demos here. A demo on RFID basics by students from the University of Arkansas can be seen here.

The elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services is now a beautiful pdf.  



Spent last week in Ottawa covering TD's annual, four day Vision in Action event, where the top 1% of the workforce was honoured. It included an amazing Gala at The Museum of Civilization. A commemorative video is in the works.



Work Truck Show 2013

Last week I traveled to Indianapolis to cover the Work Truck Show and the Green Truck Summit for the National Truck Equipment Association. It was my fifth consecutive year covering the event. UPDATE: See it here.

See the elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services here: pdf.  


Stanley Black & Decker

In the wake of their merger three years ago, finally moving into their new Distribution Center last summer was a huge milestone for Stanley Black & Decker. The consolidation of many processes means a better experience for their customers, and I put together an energetic "Meeting Opener" explaining how it all works. Slightly different versions were created for different audiences.



Bombardier TrackSafe

Spent a few days in Atlanta this week. The Safety Committee of the American Public Transportation Association convened for their semi-annual meeting, and a team from Bombardier demonstrated their TrackSafe system, which has been years in the making. Much of the videotaping was at track level, and in subway tunnels. A video showing how the whole thing operates is in the works. UPDATE: See it here.