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After a busy fall, I spent some quality time in beautiful Nagasaki, on personal business.


More TD

Been having lots of fun interviewing scores of branch managers for an upcoming conference. This year we pursued a sports theme to motivate the troops. Created a rousing, themed  "Meeting Opener", too.



My client was hired to help re-brand the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada, and I put together a power packed three minute video that played at the org's AGM in October. The project included shoots in Edmonton and Hamilton. See it in action here.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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TD Canada Trust

In September, I videotaped some TD execs in front of a green screen and put them in a bunch of scenes from real movies.  To be shown at a big conference. Tons of fun for all. 


Going Social

I've created a couple of videos for social media expert Barry Libert, formerly of Mzinga, who has created a new venture, Open Matters. Both videos feature his skills as a speaker. One version includes testimonials from attendees at an event in New York City, including one of my favorite sound bites in a while: "A lot of twittering. My Face. Your Face. It lent some clarity to it, that's for sure." See one here.



Over the summer, I worked on three videos for Bombardier. Their TrackSafe technology was merely a prototype at this point last year. In July, they rolled out the real thing, at an event for industry insiders at their test track near Kingston, Ontario. I put together a video of the launch, as well as a longer lasting promotional video. See the video of the launch here. See the other, in HD, here.

I also completed a video that helps communicate the new vision of North American operations for an internal audience.




Beam Global

For Beam Global, I put together a funky video highlighting all of their marketing successes from coast to coast over the first part of the year. For use at a business meeting, and designed to pump up the troops. "Brilliant!"



RFID Journal LIVE! 2011

This week was spent in Orlando, Florida, where I had the pleasure of covering my sixth RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition. Attendance was approximately 2,500, representing an increase of 15% year over year.  I put together a video promoting next year's conference.  See it here.

Making news in the RFID industry was the assembly of an end-to-end apparel supply chain demo at the event. Eight companies, led by Avery Dennison, and standards organization GS1 U.S., collaborated on the demo, which was put together in a couple of days (and nights).


Four videos of the demo live on after the event. First, an informative "Overview", and one video spotlighting each of the three areas of the demo: Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail. UPDATE: See the Overview here. 


Dropping by your booth for an hour or two can often result in some valuable video content. At RFID Journal LIVE!, executives from NXP Semiconductors  assembled from all over the world for the occasion. I recorded six in-booth demos, and after a day or two in the edit suite, a useful corporate video was the result. See all six demos assembled in one video here. Later, I split the videos into six easy to distribute modules.

"Thanks, Jim - you're a magician."


Similarly, for Rush Tracking Systems, of Kansas City, a live demo involving a fork-lift truck was set up in the Orange County Convention Center to show how RFID technology can be used in a warehouse scenario. Perfect for capturing and showing after the event. See it here. Or, see it in HD on YouTube.            

"It was great working with you and thanks for the fantastic video."

The video RFID Journal uses to communicate the idea of utilizing my video services while on-location can be seen on YouTube.

The elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services is now a beautiful pdf. 


Work Truck Show

Spent three days in Indianapolis this week at The Work Truck Show, which had a record attendance of 10,020, representing a year-over-year increase of 24%. For the third year in a row, I'll be fashioning a rollicking promotional video out of hours of raw footage and interviews -- as well as a couple of uniquely targeted versions, including a module promoting the annual, co-located Green Truck Summit. Both are produced by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

UPDATE: See it here. 

  "These are GREAT! Thank you so much. We are excited to use these videos to attract more people to the show next year."



I worked with the fun folks at Fisher-Price to create seven video modules for a conference.

"The videos are hilarious!"