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Niagara Falls

Shot some customer testimonials the IAAO conference in Niagara Falls.



New Toon.



 Dropped by TIFF for some junket action for Daily Mail TV.



Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Moorelands Kids

Doing some video work for this organization, helping their efforts to communicate their new brand.  UPDATE: See the "web version" in action here.


New 'Toon!


Missing Kids

In Sidney, British Columbia, on assignment for the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Update: Launched in September, see the launch video here.



Just wrapped another RFID Journal LIVE! promotional video. My first RFID related video was in 2002. My first RFID Journal LIVE! was in 2006. This year the show took place in Phoenix. A sneak peek at the finished product can be found here.


Work Truck Show

Worked at my 11th Work Truck Show in Indy. On-site, I created four videos, great for creating excitement on social media. Later, I crafted several variations of the main promo video that will be released monthly throughout the year, building towards next year's show. Over 14,000 people at this event for the first time. See a sneak peek, here.



New Messaging Architecture

Working on a training video that will communicate to internal employees a new way of thinking about messaging.


Missing Children Society of Canada

Esri Canada has been working with the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) on a new app that will help spread information about missing children much more quickly than is currently available. Working on a promotional video about the launch, which includes the incredible story of a Canadian woman who was re-united with her abducted son after 31 years apart. More to follow.