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TD Customer Experience

This year's strategy for customers is presented nationally, in a powerful video.

"Thank you for the incredible teamwork on this project!!"



Just putting the finishing touches on a parody of a much loved commercial. It's part of a national "road show" staged by an executive.




I've been working on a funky, documentary style video promoting a management consultant/motivational speaker.

"Love it!! I really appreciate the quick turnaround!"


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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The Best Quality Over the Internet. And the Fastest.

Delivering video over the internet is the future of my business, so I’ve made a point of staying on top of all the latest technological developments.

First, if you're wondering which format to use to deliver your video content over the internet, it just so happens the good folks at Adobe commissioned just such a study. Lo and behold, the study concluded that 98% of the world's Internet-enabled desktops in mature markets already use Adobe® Flash® Player. It seems almost everyone can play a "Flash Video".

(Millward Brown survey, conducted December 2007. See Methodology Section for details on the Millward Brown study.)

Second, the way video gets compressed for the internet improves by leaps and bounds each and every year.

H.264 is a breakthrough, high definition codec that is just now reaching the mainstream. It offers better quality images (startlingly so, at times), faster start times, and smaller file sizes. 

With file sizes getting smaller, and picture quality getting better, you can now consider making the size of your image bigger on your web or intranet site, for maximum impact.

I’ve recently updated most of the videos on this site to this high quality compression standard so you can see what it looks like. You’ll have to update your flash player to latest and greatest version (if you haven’t already), which you will be given the opportunity to do when you try to play one of them.* My demo reels can be found here. My case studies can be found here.

As mentioned above, the “Flash” format does seem to be taking over the internet, lead by the popularity of sites like YouTube (which, hard to believe, only started in 2005).  If you still need your videos in Windows Media or QuickTime, it’s no problem. (Or, VHS, CD, DVD, etc., etc., for that matter).


The next trend? Video delivered directly to your handheld mobile device. And, it’s already happening. You've likely heard about Apple's iPhone, which makes it easy to download and play "video podcasts", and is already showing great potential. The BlackBerry Curve is also great, utilizing an ultra-bright, 2.5-inch, 320 x 240-pixel display. And, BlackBerry's new "Bold" smartphone device will be out soon, which will boast the most powerful CPU on a handheld so far, enabling full-motion video to run smoothly on its 480-by-320-pixel, 65,000-plus-colour display.


* After updating your flash player, you may have to re-open your web browser.


Big Blue

Putting the finishing touches on a multi-purposed video that will promote certain services within IBM/Cognos...


Performance Leadership Awards

For another show in Las Vegas, I produced a module that opened an awards presentation for customers. After the event, I put together six customized videos, that were sent to each winners' head office.

"Just wanted to let you know that the event was a huge success and went over incredibly well with the client and their team! With the sound and large screens it was very nice - Kudos to you AGAIN!!!”


Three Screens

... created a three screen show that was used as a "Conference Opener" at RFID Journal LIVE! last week in Las Vegas.

UPDATE: It is now one of my Case Studies. See it here.

I also shot hours of footage at the conference that will be used in a promotional video for future conferences.

"Thanks for another great video."



While at RFID Journal LIVE! 2008, I shot and later edited a demo of EPCIS technology that EPCglobal was presenting at a special theatre on the exhibit floor. The entertaining demo will show up on their web site.


Quick Trip to Houston... visit Chevron, my client's customer. Created a video module about their relationship for use at various conferences and seminars.


IBM & Cognos

It’s been a time of consolidation within the Business Intelligence industry. Canadian software company, Cognos, has acquired several smaller companies around the world in the last year or two. For one recent acquisition, I even created a “Welcome to Cognos” video (see below).


Now, it is Cognos’ turn, as they have been acquired by IBM. No matter how you slice it, it is definitely the end of an era. A video was commissioned to commemorate the milestone, and interviews were conducted in Ottawa, Burlington, Mass., as well as in the UK. The result is a moving, and celebratory, look at the past, present and the future.