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Three Screens

... created a three screen show that was used as a "Conference Opener" at RFID Journal LIVE! last week in Las Vegas.

UPDATE: It is now one of my Case Studies. See it here.

I also shot hours of footage at the conference that will be used in a promotional video for future conferences.

"Thanks for another great video."



While at RFID Journal LIVE! 2008, I shot and later edited a demo of EPCIS technology that EPCglobal was presenting at a special theatre on the exhibit floor. The entertaining demo will show up on their web site.


Quick Trip to Houston... visit Chevron, my client's customer. Created a video module about their relationship for use at various conferences and seminars.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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IBM & Cognos

It’s been a time of consolidation within the Business Intelligence industry. Canadian software company, Cognos, has acquired several smaller companies around the world in the last year or two. For one recent acquisition, I even created a “Welcome to Cognos” video (see below).


Now, it is Cognos’ turn, as they have been acquired by IBM. No matter how you slice it, it is definitely the end of an era. A video was commissioned to commemorate the milestone, and interviews were conducted in Ottawa, Burlington, Mass., as well as in the UK. The result is a moving, and celebratory, look at the past, present and the future.



Just put the finishing touches on a video promoting "RFID Journal LIVE! Canada" to be held next December in Toronto. All the footage for this fast paced video was shot over three days at their 2007 conference in late November. This particular project is the tenth video I have produced for a company within the RFID industry.


Operation Red Nose Comes To Downtown T.O.

Insurance Bureau of Canada sponsored “Operation Red Nose” in downtown Toronto for the first time. We were in the Distillery District for a couple of cold nights recording all the action as teams of volunteers offered free rides home for people who thought they'd had a drink or two too much. Not only do volunteers drive you home, but they drive your car to your home as well. Almost all of the people who were picked up graciously agreed to be interviewed. This documentary footage will be used in promotional videos, Video News Releases and possibly in training modules for future volunteers.



Please don't drink and drive...


Awards Season

It’s okay to have fun sometimes. I put together a few fun videos for what amounts to Awards Season at TD Canada Trust. A couple of them ended up being distributed informally across the country electronically -- and therefore almost instantly. So, now if anyone asks if I have made any “viral videos”, I can say “yes”. Titles included: “We Are The Champions”,  “Stand Up For The Champions”, and the (very) whimsical “I Will Follow Tim”.



RFID Journal LIVE! Europe

...spent a week in Amsterdam covering "RFID Journal LIVE! Europe" for RFID Journal. It was their third annual European event... and it was the second consecutive conference I covered for them on that side of the Atlantic.  Videos I produce for RFID Journal appear on their website and promote future conferences.



Cognos Acquires Applix


Cognos has acquired leading analytics company Applix, and our team quickly put together a video that introduced key executives to the workforce. When we were given the green light, the execs were scattered around the world, so we hired local crews, performed phone interviews, and artfully assembled the footage as fast as we could, once our beloved international courier delivered the tapes to us. Video compressions were made and uploaded overseas so we could get transcripts done – which helped us get a head start on the edit. All for a very tight deadline.


As I often say, there are many ways to skin a cat.


TD Champions

Hot off the press. TD's Reward and Recognition program for 2008 explained to the folks from coast to coast. This project was designed to be complementary in style to another video... which is described below.


"Jim is the master!"