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Be Smart Be Safe - Summer 2006

Just finished a highlight video of the Be Smart Be Safe summer program, sponsored by Canada's home, car and business insurers. Focusing on the progress of two caravans travelling in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as a number of other initiatives, including Heads Across Canada, described below.


Heads Across Canada

Just back from St. Johns, Newfoundland, where I caught the very end of the "Heads Across Canada" cycling team's voyage. Immediately flew back to Halifax, Nova Scotia to complete the video portion of their final press conference. More below.


Lifetime Electronic Press Kit

For U.S. network “Lifetime”, I did some behind the scenes shooting on the set of their new TV movie, “Why I wore Lipstick to my Mastectomy”, currently shooting in Toronto, and starring Sarah Chalke. The highlight was an opportunity to do a quiet, sit down interview with Patti Labelle, who has a key supporting role, and has personally lost three sisters to cancer.


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Heads Across Canada

A group of U of Toronto medical students started cycling across the country in May of this year. Beginning in Vancouver, they finally hit the streets of Ottawa today. They are promoting national charity ThinkFirst, as well as the insurance industry's Be Smart Be Safe campaign. Their message is one of injury prevention, and they are encouraging everyone in their path to wear a helmet. A great way to spend a summer! I'm creating a video of their journey, now updated every few days and shown at press conferences as they make their way to the east coast.


Helmet Safety

Just completed two safety videos that will be shown this summer in a kiosk at a travelling caravan in the Maritimes. One was alluded to below. The other is all about how to select and properly wear a bicycle helmet.


Safety First

Working on a few safety videos. Here's a production still from one promoting the use of lifejackets and personal flotation devices. A good excuse to hang out at the beach in Barrie, Ontario for a day.


Project Update

Just finishing a challenging video that will serve to update TD's Board of Directors on the status of the organization's new, multi-million dollar credit and adjudication software. Includes interviews with branch and telephone reps, as well as numerous analysts, department heads, VPs and SVPs.

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Back from Las Vegas

I'm in the process of creating a behind-the-scenes video about the success of a recent three day conference in Las Vegas. It'll eventually end up on my client's very successful subscriber driven website, with the goal of promoting future conferences.



I've Moved!

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Be Smart. Be Safe. In Lethbridge.

Sponsored by Canada's home, car and business insurers, I created a half hour program for broadcast about the "Be Smart Be Safe" injury prevention program that recently visited Lethbridge, Alberta, for a couple of weeks. Pictured below is John Blaicher, who demonstrated different ways of getting out of freezing water. 30 second spots promoting the event, and promoting the show, were also produced.