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Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose was launched in Ontario in late November. Within two weeks, I wrote a print ad,  produced a handful of radio spots, and put together an animated TV PSA featuring their mascot, "Rudy". During the holiday season, Operation Red Nose relies on volunteers who are available to drive you home, and also drive your car to your home -- if you think you've had a little too much to drink. The spots are now running in southern Ontario and in Nova Scotia. Sponsored by Canada's home, car and business insurers. 

Closer to Christmas, I videotaped the volunteers as they were being trained on location in Newmarket, Ontario. Interviews and reenactments were captured for a future Video News Release. 


TD Bosses Thank the Troops

October was pretty much dedicated to hunting down and getting a collection of TD Bank Financial Group execs to say "thanks" to the folks in the field, and do so in a visually interesting way. Oh, they also mentioned what they were thanking them for. Shown at regional meetings and also distributed across the country to be shown in branches.

I also just finished supervising a series of interviews with financial analysts in New York and Toronto, which became the cornerstone of the CEO's annual presentation to the 800 most senior people at TD Bank Financial Group.


Another Anniversary

Just completed a video retrospective of venerable investment house CIBC Wood Gundy, who celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. Our team traveled across the country to collect introspective comments from leading Investment Advisors. All for a motivational "Meeting Opener". An on-site "Closer", complete with interviews, was created as well.



Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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RFID by ThingMagic

In the last three years, I've produced three videos covering various aspects of radio frequency identification technology, or RFID. First for MIT's Auto ID Lab, and then for the industry's authority on the web, RFID Journal. This month I produced a promotional piece for ThingMagic, a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The video helps explain their new generation of RFID readers in plain English. Beautifully packaged as a DVD giveaway at various trade shows across the U.S.  


TD, Sears

The summer is almost over, so it's time to get back to some serious work. I completed a couple of scripts for long time client Sears Canada, including an inspirational meeting opener called "Driven To Win", which lovingly details the accomplishments of various "winners" from recent history.

Also just finished writing and directing a high impact video for TD Personal Lending & VISA, incorporating the theme "No Limits", which served to pump up the audience before their seasonal kick-off event.



Happy Anniversary

Worked on various projects commemorating TD's 150th Anniversary.


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