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See What Others Can't

Dropped by the Esri Canada User Conference In Toronto. A few, short videos will emerge...



Every once in a while, I help out the kind folks at Bombardier with a snappy video to help them pitch new business. This was one of those times.



City of Kingston

Visited Kingston, Ontario, to do a story on new technology city planners are using. See it in action here.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Niagara Falls

Shot some customer testimonials the IAAO conference in Niagara Falls.



New Toon.



 Dropped by TIFF for some junket action for Daily Mail TV.



Lots of Content

Lately, when I go to a trade show, some of the soundbites I collect are so good I feel guilty about slicing and dicing them up and putting them into the main (highly edited) video. Same goes for a project I've been working on since the summer for Moorelands Kids. Unedited soundbites, or collections of unused shorter clips, can be very valuable and effective when dropped into your weekly social media mix. All of these are coming soon.


Moorelands Kids

Doing some video work for this organization, helping their efforts to communicate their new brand. More to come.


New 'Toon!


Missing Kids

In Sidney, British Columbia, on assignment for the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Update: Launched in September, see the launch video here.