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Live Streaming

Here's a glimpse at my live streaming set-up. I'm using BlackMagic Design's state-of-the-art ATEM Mini Pro. I also now have the capability to stream via a local internet connection, a wifi network, or even a cellular connection via my iPhone. So, although I have a somewhat permanent set-up in my "Home Studio", it's possible to be portable as well. See a sneak peek of "My Home Studio", here.



My Home Studio

See a sneak peek of My Home Studio, here.

(It's all explained in the post below...)

UPDATE: A month later, the reviews are in: See them here.

While you're at it, check out my revised demo reel, here. It won't take long.


Moorelands Kids


I worked at Moorelands Camp in the 80s. Last year I went up to help shoot a new video for the organization, now called Moorelands Kids, and finished the editing this spring. This version is designed specifically for fundraising purposes. A summer without being able to bring kids to camp in 2020 will likely make for a stressful 2021, as they hope to get back up to full speed. Think about supporting them. Donate here.



Perfectly good soundbites that didn't quite make it into the final video proved to have a lot of value when dropped into their social media mix. Moorelands Kids started running some of these "unedited" clips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter a full year after they were shot. See a sneak peek of one of them, here.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

* Read my personal blurb, over at LinkedIn.

* Read about the origins of all this Jimboco stuff, in a four page comic, here.

* See my crazy, fast supercut demo reel here. (Revised slightly in October, 2020)  Slower version here

* The elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services is now a beautiful pdf.

* The fastest way to connect with me is via email: You can also connect via Twitter or my general YouTube page.

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#HappyEaster #SocialDistancing


Alamos Gold

Working on a customer story about Alamos Gold Inc., and their daily use of Esri Canada's technology. Originally designed to be shown as a case study at user conferences throughout the country, it will now be used during webinars and posted on the web. More to come.


Another New 'Toon.

Been doing this since January, 1990.

Sometimes with mirrors.


Odds and Ends

Finishing off a few modules promoting various products for Esri Canada. Shot at various events in the fall. 



Tweeting (and editing) in Whistler

Over 11,000 views of this tweet. (Lurk, or follow me over on Twitter: @jimboco)


Work Truck Show

Since 2009, I've produced videos promoting The Work Truck Show. Inevitably, useful content ended up on the cutting room floor. In this era of content hungry social media, longer, previously unused soundbites now become self contained videos of their own. Often becoming quite popular. An example, here. Easy to do if I'm already there.


Merry Christmas!