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Team Building

For RSA (formerly Royal & Sun Alliance), I captured a fun team building exercise on tape, and within 24 hours had the whole thing edited together so it could be shown at the same conference.


John Hancock

For investment giant John Hancock, I traveled to Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas to conduct a host of client interviews. These folks all had been involved in a pilot project, involving state-of-the-art web access for pension plan sponsors and participants. Back in Toronto, John Hancock employees starred as themselves in a snazzy launch video. Both videos were shot on High Definition quality appropriate for the launch of a splashy, new initiative.  


TD Canada Trust: Qualities of a Champion

For a big awards night to be held in December, I started researching potential national award winners back in September, covertly conspiring with their spouses, relatives and friends to figure out what makes these folks tick. Armed with this background info, I eventually interviewed the winners on-camera, and, in the edit suite, combined excerpts from their interviews with on-screen quotes from my co-conspirators, as well as personal pictures they had supplied to me. By awards night, it certainly won't be a surprise that they won (the airline ticket to Toronto took care of that), but the on-screen quotes and personal pix will be.

Kind words followed from my client: "I really wish you could have been there. They probably would have carried you around on their shoulders."


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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It Can Be Simple.

I often describe myself as a 'guerrilla videomaker'. While on a shoot, my client approched me with an idea, and after five full minutes of pre-production, we were shooting something that later was embedded on his website.  

Embedding a video in your website doesn't need to be an expensive proposition. But, it can be an effective one.

To see this video in action, go here.


RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2008

Just spent a week in Prague, the location of this year's RFID Journal LIVE! Europe event. In the coming weeks, I will put together a video that will ultimately serve to promote next year's conference, and will be found on the RFID Journal website.


Launch of New R&R Program via Webcast

Every fall (touch wood) I am fortunate to work on a video, or two, or three... for TD Canada Trust. This year, fortunately, is no different.

A new Reward & Recognition program will be launched very soon - internally, via a webcast. We created the English and French versions of the video, the web interface, and we hosted the webcast as well.

Kind words followed: "The senior mgmt team is just thrilled with the work... I really did have tears in my eyes when I saw the final version.... GREAT JOB!!!"



We created a video to help motivate the troops to win... in part, by showing them all the great stuff past Champions were able to do on their reward trips to fantastic locations...


TD Customer Experience

This year's strategy for customers is presented nationally, in a powerful video.

"Thank you for the incredible teamwork on this project!!"



Just putting the finishing touches on a parody of a much loved commercial. It's part of a national "road show" staged by an executive.




I've been working on a funky, documentary style video promoting a management consultant/motivational speaker.

"Love it!! I really appreciate the quick turnaround!"