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I've been working on a couple of projects for the Insurance Bureau of Canada. I've been working on and off for them since early 2003.



RFID Journal LIVE! 2009

Spent the week in Orlando, Florida at the annual RFID Journal LIVE! conference. For the fourth straight year, I'll be creating a fast paced, documentary-style, promotional video that will be embedded on the RFID Journal website.




ODIN Technologies

Created a short video highlighting ODIN Technology's presentation at RFID Journal LIVE! 2009... which went on to win Best in Show. I also collected a number of testimonials from audience members and edited together a compelling piece that can live on as a marketing tool. ODIN was quite proud of their win, and posted excerpts on their site as well as on YouTube. ODIN is based in West Virginia.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Spent five days this week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas. It was a good dose of professional development, as I attended dozens of seminars and presentations to keep me up to date on topics like file based High Definition shooting and editing, on-line video, and mobile video. Ideas for my own business definitely flowed forth…




Other than the tech stuff, I was also inspired by a couple of long seminars by the former senior editor of the PBS documentary series Frontline, as well as a talk by Malcolm Gladwell, author of the best selling books "The Tipping Point", "Blink" and "Outliers" – one of which I have actually read.



Retirement Video

One of the great things about working for the same client for many years is once somebody from that organization retires, there's a pretty good chance I can comb through old videos (and unusued footage) and cut together a pretty good retirement video. Which I just did for a retiring TD Bank executive. 

So, don't wait. Start planning your employees' retirement party today!


Work Truck Show

I was in Chicago last week covering The Work Truck Show, an annual trade show put on by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). It's the largest trade show in North America targeted directly at the commercial truck market. I'll be creating a video to promote future conferences.

The picture below is from an interview with a sales rep, who took me on a drive through the streets of Chicago to better demonstrate how new hybrid technology works in big trucks.

"Thanks. You made us look cool!"

See it here.

Download and read the elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services here: pdf.


NATPE 2009 in Las Vegas

On a whim, and in search of inspiration, I went to Las Vegas last week to attend the annual NATPE conference, which is essentially a conference for television executives. Now, I’m no executive, but there were several tracks of relevant seminars, and I crammed in about 20 presentations in two days – some of which gave me a real feel for the trends in content delivery on the web, as well as on mobile devices.



Recently published research suggests that about one per cent of Canadians have tried watching video on their mobile device, while that same number is about three per cent in the U.S. In other words, video delivered on handhelds is still in its relative infancy, but it is a trend worth watching.


One content developer at NATPE described the mobile landscape as “the wild, wild, west at the moment”, with no single delivery standard. I chatted with a couple of Adobe reps, who made sure to point out that a mobile version of their Flash video player (Flash Lite 3.1) is presently loaded on over 800 million mobile devices worldwide, with the rather notable exceptions of Apple’s iPhone, and the BlackBerry. A work around for the iPhone is supposed to be in the works, but getting Flash Video to work on a Blackberry is more problematic.


On the other hand, a market research firm pointed to the potential of Mobile TV with wild optimism, citing completed trials that suggest consumers are more than willing and able to watch programming on their phones.



Some other comments from the conference that made an impression include those from the CEO of TiVo who warned the 30 million Americans who currently use (and love) their PVRs, will soon be 50 or 60 million strong. This means there will soon be 50 or 60 million higher income users skipping TV commercials, which he strongly argued will spell the end of traditional television advertising….and that it is time to wake up and get innovative.


Team Building

For RSA (formerly Royal & Sun Alliance), I captured a fun team building exercise on tape, and within 24 hours had the whole thing edited together so it could be shown at the same conference.


John Hancock

For investment giant John Hancock, I traveled to Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas to conduct a host of client interviews. These folks all had been involved in a pilot project, involving state-of-the-art web access for pension plan sponsors and participants. Back in Toronto, John Hancock employees starred as themselves in a snazzy launch video. Both videos were shot on High Definition – quality appropriate for the launch of a splashy, new initiative.  


TD Canada Trust: Qualities of a Champion

For a big awards night to be held in December, I started researching potential national award winners back in September, covertly conspiring with their spouses, relatives and friends to figure out what makes these folks tick. Armed with this background info, I eventually interviewed the winners on-camera, and, in the edit suite, combined excerpts from their interviews with on-screen quotes from my co-conspirators, as well as personal pictures they had supplied to me. By awards night, it certainly won't be a surprise that they won (the airline ticket to Toronto took care of that), but the on-screen quotes and personal pix will be.

Kind words followed from my client: "I really wish you could have been there. They probably would have carried you around on their shoulders."