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Esri Canada

The core of my business these days is creating documentary style promotional videos. I quietly capture all aspects of your show, often ending up with several hours of footage, complete with real, un-scripted testimonials. I edit it all down into a power packed 3-5 minute video -- ideal for posting on your website and promoting futures shows.

Pictured is the Toronto Congress Centre -- home to Esri Canada's annual User Conference. A video is in the works. 

See a sneak peek here.


TD Executive

I have done the occasional video for TD over many, many years. In this instance, an exec couldn't make it to a conference in another city. So, I helped fashion a message from him that made it feel like he was right in the room with the whole gang. It happens.


New Toon.


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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* Read about the origins of all this Jimboco stuff, in a four page comic, here.

* See my crazy, fast supercut demo reel here. (Revised slightly in October, 2020)  Slower version here

* The elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services is now a beautiful pdf.

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Home Depot

Put together a couple of things for Home Depot Canada: a comprehensive video for store staff detailing new products for the fall. And, a tribute video for a departing executive.


Meeting Opener and e-Blast Invite

Just completed a Meeting Opener for Esri Canada's upcoming User Conference, as well as a video e-vite.


Moorelands Community Services

Back to my roots to do a promo video for Moorelands Community Services -- a Toronto based charity for children. UPDATE: See a sneak peek here.


Bombardier and Safety

Working on a pair of videos promoting new safety products at Bombardier. UPDATE: See them in action here.


Enercare Promo

Created a video promoting some recent keynote speakers at Enercare.




This week, I spent a couple of days shooting in London, Ontario at A fast paced video is in the works.



RFID Journal

Continued on to San Diego to cover RFID Journal LIVE! 2015. I've been to every show since 2006. A promotional video for the next year's show in Orlando is in the works. UPDATE: see it in action here.