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Digital Media Zone

Just finished  putting together a snappy promotional video for this downtown tech incubator, which is affiliated with Ryerson University. The video will play on their website, on a monitor in their lobby, as well serving as a nifty intro to speakers at promotional appearances. See it here. Or, here.


"The client LOVED it... I have a feeling we'll be back."


Damage Control

A local television affiliate did a hatchet job on my client's reputation. I was asked to help with the on-line and video response, which successfully refuted the corp's accusations... in hours.



Coming in 2011!

Just completed a punchy "opening video" for a conference. Designed much like one of those movie trailers you know and love...



Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Women in Leadership

In October, I worked on a documentary style project about the state of women in leadership positions in the banking industry. I interviewed several women at various stages of their careers, starting with current undergraduates, a number of MBA candidates, as well as a number of women in mid-career.  Honesty was the order of the day, as I fashioned a series of provocative modules that were shown, and discussed, at a one day workshop. Generally speaking, the audience was a collection of women in senior management roles. 



Growing the Business

For TD Canada Trust, I'm creating a rousing video designed to help rally the troops. Lots of interviews. Plenty of fun.


Canadian Tire

I've been hired by Canadian Tire to do some scriptwriting in advance of their annual dealer conference, to be held in Winnipeg, later this month... as well as a couple of other projects.


Video News Release

Did a bit of work on a Video News Release for a new pharmaceutical product, DEXILANT, which treats acid reflux disease. I was called in to conduct a long interview with a doctor working out of McMaster University Medical Centre, as well as direct the collection of some "B-Reel" footage...  I                      


SISO in Boston

I spent this week in Boston at the annual SISO Executive Conference for trade show professionals. A promotional video for next year's conference will be forthcoming. I'll also be adding content to a training video I worked on last summer, shot at their 2009 conference in New York. UPDATE: See the promotional video in action on SISO's site (via YouTube) by clicking here.

As mentioned above, the elevator pitch for my exposition and trade show services is now a beautiful pdf.



"TrackSafe" is a solution by Bombardier that uses RFID technology to reduce the hazards associated with track inspection and repair in Subway operating environments. Bombardier created a simulated rail environment in a parking lot and invited actual track workers and train drivers to supply their feedback and suggestions on this solution, which is still in the design phase. I made a funky video of the event that will live on as a promotional and educational piece. See it in action here.





Flood Control

The Insurance Bureau of Canada has joined with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to sponsor the Watershed Awards, a new annual awards program to recognize Canadian municipalities that have taken proactive measures to reduce their vulnerability to storm and wastewater damage.

This year, there are seven winning municipalities, and I created video modules for three of them: Toronto, Ontario, and Richmond Hill, Ontario, and Saint-Jerome, Quebec.  I spent a couple of days in each community, and interviewed the Mayor and key city staff as part of each story.


All three stories were shot in full HD, switching between P2 and XDCAM EX, depending on the location. All stories were edited natively in HD, using AVID's Media Composer software.

See them here, here and here