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Most Viewed Video Podcasts of 2023 (So Far)



#1 Views on LinkedIn: Anthea Rowe (Teaser #2):


#1 Views on TikTok: Al Saplys (Teaser #1):



#1 Views on Instagram: Catherine Harrison (Teaser #1):


#1 Views on YouTube:  Kim Davidson (Full Interview):



#1 Views on Twitter: Jason Thomson (Teaser #1):


#1 Audio Downloads:  Charlotte Safieh (Extended Teaser):


One Reason


Most Viewed Video Podcasts of 2022


#1 Views on LinkedIn (Teaser): Peter ter Weeme


#1 Views on TikTok (Extended Teaser): Anna Emmanouil


#1 Views on Instagram (Teaser): Catherine Harrison


#1 Views on YouTube (Full Interview): Dennis Dimitroff


#1 Views on Twitter (Teaser): Adam Oldfield


#1 Downloads (Audio Only): Charlotte Safieh


Jack of all Trades. Master of None?

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Audio, too.


My Video Podcast

Finally caved in and made audio versions of my video podcasts.


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I'm always looking for guests with an interesting story to tell. If you'd like to be a guest, email me at




I've started interviewing people for my web series, “Connections”, recorded in my basement studio. People I know, or sort of know, who have a story to tell. You’ve made a decision that changed your career, and perhaps your life. See the latest episodes by clicking here.

These are done in person. Video podcast style. If you're interested in being interviewed, email me at  



The rail division of long time client Bombardier was purchased by Alstom. I created a series of videos to help introduce the executives based overseas to the people and facilities in the Toronto area.



Multiple Camera Shoots

I continue to tinker with my home studio. 

I was one of the first people in Ontario to take delivery of Black Magic Design's ATEM Mini Extreme.... which means I can handle up to eight video sources. It also has "Super Source", the ability to manipulate multiple sources of video on screen in a dynamic manner. For live streaming, or simply for recording.


See You Soon

Created a video for Moorelands from unused footage that they used as part of their Christmas message. The plan is to used it to welcome campers back this summer, as well. See a sneak peek, here.


Home Studio with Live Streaming and Automated Switching


I added a Hollyland 300 Pro which sends the HDMI output of my ATEM switcher around the room wirelessly. Downloadable apps allow it to be seen on phones and tablets. 

After a lot of experimenting, and learning how to edit some basic XML code, I’ve figured out how to fully automate the switching of a three camera shoot. No crew required. Amazing results. Kinda cool.

For two person interviews, two cameras are locked off to capture close-ups of each subject. A third camera is programmed to move continuously on a slider, adding some much needed motion, while capturing a wider two-shot. 

Also added a few portable Aputure RGB lights. These allow me to easily change the background to any colour. 


These are controlled by an app via a Bluetooth connection — making it easy to make subtle changes while looking at a monitor.